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All Things Tada

Redemption with Approval

Review, Accept, or Reject each redemption, we are helping you to avoid fraud!

Store Customization for Dine-in and Delivery

Customize your Store Information, Operation Hour, menu, or delete the store.

Delete or Inactivate Your Store

Oops, you mean your store is inactive? Check it here!

How To Track Your Delivery Order In Few Clicks?

Track your delivery order real-time!

How To Customize Message For Virtual Franchise?

Customize message for Virtual Franchise to share!

How To Customize Email Sender For Campaign?

Set the email sender to improve your engagement to members!

Create Member Get Leads Program

You could setup your member get leads program through our dashboard in a few clicks!

Create Online Ordering Program

Enable your online ordering program in few minutes through our dashboard!

Setup Landing Page for Member

Build your own landing page for member through our dashboard!

Create New Store Info Access

Create New Store Info Access in few clicks directly from your dashboard!

Create Program for Dine-in and Delivery

Create your dine-in and delivery program is so simple now!

Shop Feature

Sell your items / e-Voucher to your customer / members / reseller by using shop feature by Tada

OCR Technology - Snap / Upload Receipt

Are you using our Snap Receipt feature? Check out this page to see how our OCR technology can help you minimize human error!

Scan to Earn Feature

We have another way of rewarding your members by utilizing QR code for your members to scan. Curious how this works? Read here!

Multiple Vouchers: AND & OR

Thinking of rewarding your customers but not sure what? With multiple vouchers, you can give them various options of rewards!