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Fraud Indicator Notification

Learn how you can be aware of any suspicious fraudulent transactions!

Loyalty fraud or points fraud can happen to any loyalty program. But no need to worry because at Tada, your security is our utmost priority hence we have features to protect your program from potential fraud abuse.

To deliver a better security system, Tada will send notifications to the brand’s email every time abnormal transactions are happening.

Here are some transactions that we can indicate as abnormal/fraud:

  1. If member do top up transaction more than x time in one day
  1. If member do top up transaction x days in a row
  1. If member do top up transaction above x amount in one bill.

Client may customize the “x” number based on their customer behavior.


Important notes:

  • Tada able to send notifications to multiple email recipients
  • Tada won’t do any action regarding this transaction until the brand confirm and request to do action regarding the transaction.

Example of email notification

Notion image
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