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Item Variant in Menu Dine in and Delivery

Discover powerful strategies to expand and enhance your menu's appeal, enticing customers and boosting your profits. Explore how to create irresistible range of item variants here!

This new Dine-in and Delivery improvement allows your brand to have more varieties to your menus hassle-free! You can create item variants with additional prices (or free, up to you!) for the menus and set it as optional/mandatory. Your customers will have more flexibility in customizing their order and what to add-on to it while you have more chance to upsell your menu!

Here’s how you can create item variant menu from our Dashboard:

  1. Go to our Dashboard
  1. Go to Dine In & Delivery > Menu > Item Variant
  1. You can see the item variants you have created before
  1. Click “Add Variant” to create a new one
  1. Create the item variant menu (this will be displayed to customers)
  1. Create the description of the item variants to help the brand’s team when assigning the variant to the menu later on (this is optional and won’t be displayed to customers)
  1. Choose if this item variant is required or optional for customers to choose (example: types of rice may be required but additional toppings may be optional to choose)
  1. Set the amount of variants customer can choose from (example: customers can choose one type of rice but can choose additional toppings up to 3 items)
  1. Enable the variant status if you want to use this variant right away
  1. Create variant option name and the price, you can add as many as you’d like. The variant price will be added to the item menu price and calculated accordingly on the checkout page. If you’d like to create a variant with no additional price, you may input the price as zero (0)
  1. Assign variant to item menu of your choosing
  1. Click “Save” and you’re done!
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You may change the variant’s status to enable/disable it based on your stock availability. But if the availability differs between outlets and you’d like to change the status on certain outlets only, you can change them from Tada Partner. Here’s how:

  1. Log in with your outlet’s credentials in Tada Partner
  1. Go to Orders
  1. Go to Item Stock > Variant Settings
  1. Enable/disable the variants as you’d like! This variant stock availability will only be applied to that specific outlet
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Now check out how the customer can choose their variants when ordering!

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