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Scan to Earn Feature

We have another way of rewarding your members by utilizing a QR code for your members to scan. Curious about how this works? Read here!

This feature allows a slightly different top-up mechanism that was targeted for (but definitely not limited to) FMCG Companies where the brand is not facing their customer directly however they want to give rewards to their end customers.

This is how the feature works: 1. Print the code (we support QR Code and Barcode!) on the FMCG products’ package or purchase receipt (you can ask us to generate the code or use your own!) 2. Ask members to open their membership card 3. Scan the Code via the Scan to Earn button 4. Voila! Rewards will be added to their membership card

The reward received when scanning the Code can be: 1. Additional points to the main/second wallet 2. e-Vouchers


This is how members can scan to get their rewards

Notion image

This is how the transaction report will show in the Dashboard

Notion image
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