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Shop Feature

Sell your items/e-Voucher to your customer/members/reseller by using shop feature by Tada

Looking for a feature that enables you to sell products to your members/resellers digitally? With Shop feature. we’ve got you covered!

Your members deserve more privileges; either purchase your product at a special price or got early access to your limited edition items. With Tada, you will be able to create your own “official member e-commerce” for your brand. This will appear as a Shop button on member cards which enables them to buy and pay online.

Decide what items you want to list, and at what price, then let your members buy your products exclusively. In this catalog, you can offer members the to purchase:

  1. e-Voucher (that can be used later in-store), or
  1. Physical item (that will require you to send the product to the customer's address).

A brand can also provide lots of payment methods for your member as Tada is already integrated with several Payment Gateway, such as:

  1. Credit Card
  1. Manual Bank Transfer
  1. Cash on Delivery (COD)
  1. Bank Transfer / Virtual Account (Only for Indonesia)
  1. e-Wallet (OVO, DANA, GOPAY, LinkAja) (Only for Indonesia)
  1. QRIS (Only for Indonesia)
  1. FPX Online Banking, Cards, and e-Wallets (Only for Malaysia)

A brand can create its own sub-account which enables the payment to be directly received to its bank account.


The brand can also provide lots of shipping methods for your member (for physical items) as Tada is already integrated with several logistics, such as:

  1. JNE
  1. Sicepat
  1. J&T
  1. Grab Express & Sameday
  1. GoSend Instant & Sameday
  1. Lalamove
  1. Your own internal courier
  1. Your own shipping (Regular)

Create order by Member / Reseller

Here is the easy way for the member to order in the Shop feature:

  1. Open the membership card and then go to the “Shop” menu
  1. Choose the store
  1. Choose the category & item that the member wants to purchase
  1. Click “Buy
  1. Add the shipping address & choose the shipping method (only for physical items)
  1. Members can also use their voucher/promo code (if any & allowed by the brand)
  1. Click “Continue
  1. Choose the Payment Method
  1. Pay the order
  1. Member can get the e-Voucher directly after the order is paid (e-Voucher Order) or member needs to wait until the brand process and ship the items (Physical Item Order).

Member can check the order status by clicking “See Transaction Detail” or member can check it in the History menu.

Members may also receive points from their Shop purchase based on their level/item purchased / total transaction purchased (if applicable) after the order is completed by the brand

Notion image

Manage & Process the Orders in the Dashboard by Brand

Okay! Now that we have covered the ordering journey, let’s talk about how to process them. The first one is how to process orders using your own internal courier or your choice of third-party courier:

  1. Go to our Dashboard and click on the Orders&Redemptions menu
  1. Check on the New Order tab and click Confirm on the orders that you want to process
  1. After that, the order will move to the Need to be Sent tab
  1. Once the order is ready and you have shipped the package, click Process and input the courier name and the tracking number
  1. Now your order will move to the On Delivery tab
  1. Once your order has been delivered to your customer, our Dashboard will detect the tracking number and the order will automatically move to the Completed tab. But if there should be any problem, worry not! You can still manually change the status to completed by clicking “complete” on the order while it’s still On the Delivery tab
Notion image

Now if we are processing orders using the shipping method of the customer’s choosing, it’s even easier!

  1. Follow the same steps until the order is under the Need to be Sent tab
  1. Click Request Pick Up and the courier of your customer’s choosing will come and pick up the package
  1. The order will move to the On Delivery tab
  1. Now you just have to wait until the order has been delivered and the order status will automatically change to Completed. So easy!
    1. Notion image

So now the order status will automatically be completed for both shipping method that uses third-party courier. No more manual work of tracking the order and completing the order status!👋🏻


Want to activate this feature?

Contact our Client Representative Team to activate the Shop feature. Selling is never been easier. 

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