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Transfer Point

Elevate your program gamification with feature that can help your members engage with each other within your brand!

We're excited to introduce another game-changing update! Say goodbye to one-way points with our new "Transfer Points" feature. Now, members have the power to send and receive points, making your program more dynamic and engaging. But that's not all – your brand can also specify the eligible wallets for these transactions, ensuring control and security.

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To support this new feature, our Dashboard is also improved to capture the transaction so you can see all transfer point transactions history – both the receiving and sending transaction!

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Can you imagine the possibilities how you can use this feature? It can be used in employee engagement program for managers to reward their staffs or in loyalty program for members to send each other points with their friends. The choice is yours. Ready to elevate your program? Contact our Client Success team to start using this feature!

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