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Delivery Order - QnA

You have questions regarding Delivery Order?

Q: Can we use the e-voucher in a form of a free item?

A: Yes, the brand could assign in the e-voucher menu in our dashboard. Free e-voucher items could be used for Dine-In, Takeaway, or Delivery Orders.

Q: Can the Brand extend the expiration date for specific e-vouchers or void e-vouchers?

A: Yes, the brand could contact Customer Service through the group and inform the e-voucher name. Or the brand could access directly by requesting access to our CR/PM team. We will give access to our dashboard, and make sure the dashboard admin will not use the access for fraud purposes.

Q: Is it possible for the brand to give a delivery charge subsidy or free delivery e-voucher?

A: Nope. But the brand can adjust by creating an e-voucher with a delivery order fee average value that can be used by the customer

Q: Can we give a free delivery fee using an internal courier? If the distance is less than 10 kilometers, the brand could give free delivery.

A: Nope. The brand cannot do that.

Q: Is there any option for which courier is available that the brand could choose for customers?

A: Yes, there are Internal Courier, Lalamove, Gosend (Same Day and Instant), and Grab (Same Day and Instant)

Q: Does Brand could choose several couriers that they prefer?

A: Yes, they could.

Q: How could customers do the live tracking for their orders?

A: Customer could check the delivery status in TADA Apps. If they use Grab/Gojek, customers could receive automatic push notifications regarding the detailed driver and live tracking while the order delivered.

Q: Does the customer able to do direct orders via Gojek and receive points? So the delivery fee is not so expensive since they do not use Grab/Gojek instant delivery?

A: Nope, customers should order via the TADA order button.

Q: Can the brand differentiate the menu for each outlet?

A: Yes, the brand could do that from our dashboard.

Q: Does the customer have several payment options?

A: Yes. they have Ovo, Gopay, Dana, LinkAja, Bank BCA, Bank BRI, Bank BNI, Bank Mandiri, Bank Permata, Other Bank, Credit Card

Q: If the customer pays via bank transfer, which account will receive the payment?

A: Payment will be received through TADA if no brand subaccount is used. We will transfer the payment to the brand account on Tuesday and Friday.

Q: Does the brand able to create a variant such as Gojek/Grab apps?

A: Nope. But the brand could create a variant into an item. For example, a Brand has 5 toppings variants in 1 menu, so the brand could create 5 items or a menu containing those 5 toppings.

Q: Does the brand could differentiate the menu that could be ordered through Delivery Order, Takeaway, and Dine-In? So customers in the restaurant cannot see the menu that could be ordered via Delivery Order?

A: Nope. But, information could be given in the menu category.



Q: Apakah saya dapat menggunakan e-voucher dalam bentuk free item?

A: Ya. Brand dapat langsung assign di menu e-voucher dashboard. E-voucher free item dapat digunakan di Dine In, Takeaway maupun Delivery Order.

Q: Apakah brand dapat memperpanjang expiry date e-voucher tertentu atau void e-voucher?

A: Ya. Brand dapat menghubungi tim Customer Service yang ada di grup dan menginfokan nama e-voucher terkait. Atau brand dapat memiliki akses sendiri dengan request ke tim CR/PM. Kami akan memberikan akses di dashboard, dan pastikan admin dashboard tidak menyalahgunakan akses tersebut.

Q: Apakah brand dapat memberikan subsidi ongkir atau e-voucher free ongkir?

A: Tidak. Tapi, brand bisa adjust dengan cara membuat E-Voucher dengan value rata-rata ongkir yang biasa customer gunakan.

Q: Apakah kita bisa memberikan free ongkir jika menggunakan internal kurir? Misalnya jika jarak <10 km, brand akan memberikan free ongkir.

A: Tidak. Brand tidak dapat melakukan hal tersebut

Q: Ada pilihan kurir apa saja yang dapat Brand pilih untuk customer?

A: Internal courier, lalamove, Gosend (Same day and instant), Grab (Same day and instant).

Q: Apakah brand dapat memilih hanya beberapa dari pilihan kurir?

A: Ya, bisa.

Q: Bagaimana customer melakukan live tracking untuk order?

A: Customer dapat melihat status pada TADA Apps. Jika menggunakan Grab/Gojek, customer akan menerima push notification otomatis mengenai detail driver dan live tracking ketika pesanan sudah diantarkan.

Q: Apakah customer dapat order langsung via Gojek dan mendapat poin? Sehingga delivery fee nya tidak akan terlalu mahal karena tidak menggunakan Grab/Gojek Instant

A: Tidak. Customer harus order via TADA Order button.

Q: Apakah brand bisa membedakan menu di setiap outlet?

A: Ya. Brand dapat melakukannya sendiri di Dashboard.

Q: Apakah ada pilihan pembayaran untuk Customer?

A: Yes. Ovo, Gopay, Dana, LinkAja, Bank BCA, Bank BRI, Bank BNI, Bank Mandiri, Bank Permata, Other Bank, Credit Card

Q: Jika customer membayar via Bank Transfer, rekening akan diterima di rekening siapa?

A: Pembayaran akan diterima melalui TADA jika tidak ada penggunaan subaccount Brand. Kami akan mengirimkan transfer ke rekening Brand setiap hari Selasa dan Jumat.

Q: Apakah brand dapat membuat varian seperti Gojek/Grab Apps?

A: Tidak. Namun brand dapat membuat varian menjadi item. Contoh: brand memiliki 5 varian topping dalam 1 menu, sehingga brand dapat membuatnya menjadi 5 item/menu.

Q: Apakah brand bisa membedakan menu yang dapat diorder via Delivery Order, Takeaway dan Dine In? Sehingga customer di restoran tidak dapat melihat menu yang dapat diorder via Delivery Order.

A: Tidak. Namun, informasi bisa diberikan dari kategori di Menu.

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