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How to Activate Face ID / Fingerprint for login & Redemption

Now, it is even easier to login to our up! But, it is still secure! Use your face or fingerprint to login!

Good news for both Android and iOS user, it is now easier to login! Besides using PIN, we also have this security features the Face ID and fingerprint. This feature only available for the device that support Face ID or fingerprint authentication. You can set it in the settings in a very easy way to enable or disable the Face ID/Fingerprint, TADA! It is much easier for you to login now!

  1. Open our Tada powerful app!
  1. Face ID/Fingerprint login authentication notification will pop-up, or you could open your “Account” by clicking person icon in the top right of your screen.
  1. Then click on the toggle to activate the Face ID/Fingerprint login authentication
    1. Notion image
      Notion image
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