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How To Check My Order Status?

Track your order status easily!

Congratulations on making an order with TADA! You can always track and monitor your order status through our TADA app. Now tracking your ongoing orders is so easy! They are literally available for you right on your card detail page. No hassle!

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You can also follow these steps to track your order

1. Tap on the “History” menu.

2. Select from the menu bar the “Order” menu and all of your orders are there, including the past transactions.

3. Tap on the specific transaction history to see the details of the transaction. A window will pop up showing the details of the selected transaction history.

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Previously, you can only see the general order status whether your item is in process / on delivery / completed. Now, you can track your order in more detail if the order is on delivery whether your item is already in your city or in the origin warehouse. You can also see the proof of delivery when the status is “completed” to make sure it was delivered to the correct address! (if courier provided any)

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