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How to Do a Mission and Get a Reward

Brand could set a mission for the members, they will get rewarded for doing the mission! Let’s do it!

With Tada App, brand could set a mission for their member to build engagement! By doing the mission, member could get rewards in the form of points or e-vouchers. It is as easy as this following steps:

  1. Open your brand membership card in the Tada App
  1. Check your mission by clicking the “Mission” menu
  1. Check and choose one of the mission available there
  1. Choose the task that you would like to fulfill
  1. Fulfill the task, it might be a survey and you might have to attach a picture, then click “Submit”
  1. It is there for review, sit tight and wait for your reward approval
  1. When you have completed all of the tasks, you will get a push notification to let you know that you have completed the mission and get the reward!
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You can also encourage your members to engage in all tasks in the mission activities by giving them additional rewards. Now, your members can see right at the bottom of the tasks what bonus rewards they will get once they finish all the tasks in the mission!

Notion image
Notion image
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