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How to Join Brand Membership?

Download the App! TADA is here to get started!

Hi welcome to Tada, here are the first step you need to do to join membership for thousand brands at Tada! Here are the following step:

  1. Get and download Tada App from App Store or Google Play
  1. Open the app after downloaded it, register yourself, put your number and put the given OTP to the apps
  1. After registered press “Add Card” to add a membership card from your favorite brand
  1. Check the menu for popular, near-by, or others classification to find the brand that fits you
  1. You can also search your favorite brand and press “Get” to be a member
  1. Fill your data to be a member of the brand you choose, then press “Register”
  1. Enjoy the membership! You have your level and points available on the card membership page
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