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How to Order Food in Order Menu?

Here is our guide to making an order, do not hesitate, order now!

Now is the time to make an order! It is super easy with the following tutorials. After going through all these steps, you will be ready to make your first order.

  1. Open TADA app, tap on the membership card that you want to order from.
  1. Tap on “Order” menu.
  1. Check on the available store by sliding the menu bar or clicking on the available store
  1. Check the menu and choose your favorite menu, press “Add/Tambah” next to the item to add menu to your cart.
  1. Go to your cart after you have added the menus that you want. Change the delivery time if you do not want it to be sent now and set the date and time.
  1. Check the order and shipping address. Make sure to input the right address. If you want to change the shipping address, simply tap on the “Change/Ubah” button. After setting your shipping address, click on the “Continue” button to proceed.
  1. Select the Shipping Method that you like, choose the one you are convenient with
  1. Select the payment method that you want to make. Generally, you can choose between Point or Balance, e-Wallet, Bank Transfer, or Credit Card. In some cases, you can only make payment using specific methods. The available payment method is shown with an active button (shown with bold text and color). Tap on one of the available payment methods to continue to confirm your payment.
  1. Make sure and review your Order in the “Order Summary/Ringkasan Pemesanan” section, then tap on the “Continue to Payment/Lanjutkan ke Pembayaran” button to finalize the order.
  1. Seat tight and wait for your order to come! Make sure that you receive payment invoice stating your Transaction ID or Order Number after completing the payment.
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