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Member Get Leads: What and How To Running the program

Let your member submit leads to you!


If we are talking about referral program in Tada, there are 3 types of referral: (1) Member get Member, (2) Member get new Customer (or we called Reseller Program), and (3) the most unfamiliar yet commonly used is Member get new Leads.

In this article, we will explore how you can activate and utilize our Member Get Leads feature. This solution might be applicable to insurance, financial institution, employee program, or your business. We will show you the journey from the user perspective as well as a video on how you can create this Member Get Leads program


To activate this feature, you may create it from TADA Dashboard - Insight by TADA. Here's a step-by-step guide to activate the feature:

  1. On the left side, find the "Leads Generation” menu and click on the “Program & Offer"
  1. Click the "+Create New Lead" button to create a new Member Get Leads program
  1. Fill in all the necessary information, such as the lead name, the programs you want to enable the leads generation, the referral link URL, image for the banner, and message template for sharing the offer. For referral link, you can choose to use Tada’s domain or your own domain.
  1. Next, you can create offers by simply clicking on the leads name that you want to add offer.
  1. Click the "+Create New Offer" button and fill in the offer info: the offer name and category, the offer image, description, and the rewards setting which you can choose between giving e-Vouchers and/or balance
  1. When you’re done, just click Continue and this offer will appear in the membership’s card immediately.

When you receive a lead submission, you will get notified via email with all the necessary information

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Now your program is up and ready to go. In the next section, we will show you the user experience when using this feature.


  1. Member will share the referral link to the prospects
      • Click the Leads Banner
      • See the list of offers
      • Select & Share the offer
      • Prospect then will click the offer
  1. Prospects will fill any required information
      • Prospects click the offer
      • Prospects fill out the data
      • Brand check the list of submission in the dashboard
  1. Brand will validate the submission and rewards will be issued for approved submission
      • Brand approve/reject the data that has been submitted
      • Approved submission will automatically issued rewards to Member
      • Rejected submission will not issue any rewards to Member
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If you have any questions regarding this feature, kindly email us on product@usetada.com.

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