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Payment Activities - QnA

Here is our detailed information about your payment activities

We are always trying our best to provide the best experience for our customer when using our TADA app, including making a payment. We accommodate various methods of payment, including point or balance, e-wallet, bank transfer, and credit cards. You are free to choose whichever payment method that you enjoy the most.

Question: How to Make a Payment?


Generally, payment can be made using Point or Balance, e-Wallet, Bank Transfer, or Credit Card. In some cases, you can only make payments using specific methods. The available payment method is shown with an active button (shown with bold text and color). Tap on one of the available payment methods to continue to confirm your payment

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Question: What If I Inputted the Wrong Payment Code?

Answer: To prevent mistakes, please comply with the following guides.

  1. Make sure that you input the right Payment Code as shown on the payment page.
  1. If you have inputted the wrong Payment Code, please reach us through the email info@usetada.com or by clicking on the “Contact Us” button.
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