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Referral - QnA

You have questions regarding Referral?

Q: Is it possible to set a maximum referral reward?

A: Yes it could, we could set the maximum transactions from the referee, then the referrer that fulfills the condition could get the rewards.

Q: Could we choose the transaction channel for the referee?

A: Yes we could! for example, Referee needs to do the transaction in the Tada Platform so the referrer could get the reward, for transactions from other e-commerce, the referrer will not get the reward.

Q: Is it possible to set 2 referral rewards?

A: Yes it is possible!

Q: Is it possible to limit the referral link that is shared?

A: No, we just could limit the transaction number as a condition to receive reward



Q: Apakah bisa set maximum referral reward?

A: Bisa. Kita bisa set berapa banyak jumlah transaksi dari referee, referrer yang memenuhi syarat bisa mendapatkan rewardsnya.

Q: Apakah bisa memilih kanal transaksi untuk referee?

A: Bisa. Contoh: Referee wajib buat transaksi di platform Tada agar Referrer bisa mendapatkan rewardnya, kalau hanya baru dari outlet atau dari e-commerce, maka referrer tidak akan dapat reward.

Q: Apakah bisa set 2 referral reward?

A: Bisa.

Q: Apakah saya bisa melimitasi referral link yang disebarkan?

A: Tidak. Hanya jumlah transaksi, untuk syarat menerima reward.

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