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Virtual Franchise - QnA

Do You have questions regarding Virtual Franchise?

Q: Could we change the reseller commission?

A: Yes it could, it can be done by the brand via the dashboard.

Q: Does Commission can be customized for each item?

A: Yes, it is possible.

Q: Does the reseller commission could be used to shop on the Tada platform?

A: Sure, it does.

Q: Could we set a different referral commission for each item?

A: No, it cannot, we could only set 1 value for referral commission.

Q: When reseller could have their commission?

A: Reseller could receive their commission after the product is received by the customer.

Q: What item could be selling?

A: Physical Item and Voucher.

Q: Is it possible to enable several payment method(s) only?

A: Yes, it is possible.

Q: MDR Fee (or usually mentioned as Convenience Fee in the app), is it customizable that it could be the brand/customer that needs to pay?

A: Yes, it can be set.

Q: Does buyer can cancel the order?

A: Nope, orders only can be canceled by brand.

Q: How does the refund process flow to the customer if their order is canceled?

A: Buyer will receive an email if the order is canceled, the email will contain CTA “Request Refund”. After clicking it, the member will be redirected to a google form to fill in their data in detail, so Tada or the brand could do the refund.



Q: Apakah komisi reseller dapat diubah-ubah?

A: Bisa. Perubahan komisi dapat dilakukan oleh brand melalui dashboard.

Q: Apakah komisi dapat dibedakan setiap item?

A: Bisa.

Q: Apakah komisi reseller dapat digunakan untuk belanja lagi di platform Tada?

A: Bisa.

Q: Apakah komisi referral dapat dibedakan setiap item?

A: Tidak bisa, untuk komisi referral hanya di set 1 nilai.

Q: Kapan reseller akan mendapatkan komisinya?

A: Reseller akan mendapatkan komisi setelah barang diterima oleh pembeli

Q: Item apa saja yang bisa dijual?

A: Item fisik dan voucher.

Q: Apakah bisa memilih hanya beberapa metode pembayaran saja?

A: Bisa

Q: MDR Fee (atau di aplikasi sering disebut sebagai Convenience Fee) apakah bisa dipilih untuk dibebankan ke Brand/Customer?

A: Bisa.

Q: Apakah pembeli dapat membatalkan pesanan?

A: Tidak. Pesanan hanya bisa dibatalkan oleh brand.

Q: Bagaimana proses refund ke customer yang pesanannya dibatalkan?

A: Pembeli akan menerima email jika pesanannya dibatalkan, di email tersebut terdapat CTA “Request Refund”, pembeli akan diarahkan ke google form dan harus mengisi data dirinya dengan lengkap untuk Tada atau brand proses refund.

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