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White Label Apps Registration - QnA

You have questions regarding White Label Apps?

Q1: I want to make a white-label app, what should I do?

A1: Fill out all the forms, and prepare all the images to need on https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1van2sYGFYJAwsKh0MRMPTtf0gF1iq-lE

Q2: How long does it take for the app to go live on the play store?

A2: That depends on the play store (google/apple). Their review times are different. For Apple, if it goes well, it can take up to 48 hours, and for Google, it might be 24-48 hours for a new app.

Q3: Can we use Tada developer (DUNS Tada Number) first for uploading the app then change to our developer later on (DUNS Client Number)?

A3: Yes, you can. We’ll do it with an app transfer mechanism.

Q4: I want to use my own company name for the developer, what should I do?

A4: Download the file on https://www.dnb.co.id/files/download/forms/OTS_DRS_DNB.pdf and submit the file to drs@dnb.co.id

Q5: Whose play store account will be used to create the app?

A5: Clients could make their own google play account & apple store. But it's better to invite us (dev) to maintain your app, instead of giving your credentials to us. However, if you don't want to maintain yours, you could post their app in our (Tada) play store account instead. Just let us know which one you want.

Q6: Our merchant has their existing app on their play store account. What are our options?

A6: Continue with your previous app, or create a new one. This only happens in the play store, we don't need their previous code.

Q6: What are the requirements to use their previous app?

A6: For iOS, just invite our developer to their apple store account. For Android, please provide the previous app Keystore and the credentials (alias, password).

Q7: The merchant doesn't have the Keystore and credentials for android, what should we do?

A7: Create a new app. We can't publish our Whitelabel without the previous credentials.

Q8: The merchant wants to change the image, what should we do?

A8: For the image with the (PLAY STORE) tag, just give us the image, and we will upload it to the play store. For the image with the (APP) tag, we need to update the app, which might take a few minutes when we start.

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