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Activity Log

Find out how you can have full control and transparency in your loyalty program management with our Activity Log – monitor every move, spot changes, and empower your program's destiny like never before!

Activity Log allows Brands to monitor every move made within the Dashboard. Curious about who's been tinkering with the settings? Wondering which menu items have been explored? Eager to spot the changes that have been implemented and where? Look no further – this page is your dedicated window into the heart of your program's management.

We value your trust and the sensitivity of this information, which is why access to the Activity Log is granted through a simple permission request process to your dedicated Client Success. Once your access is updated with this menu, you can find the menu in our Tada Dashboard. Filter by date period, the user email, or the menu as needed!

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Your peace of mind and data security remain our top priorities. Get ready to take the reins of your loyalty program's destiny like never before. Welcome to a new era of clarity and control

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