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Bulk Void Transactions

Now you can void transactions from our Dashboard, and in bulk! Wondering how?

Currently, if Brands want to void transactions, it can only be done from Tada Partner and needs to be done one by one. Now we have added a new function so Brands can void transactions in bulk from the Dashboard! After Brands have done the bulk void transactions, we will send a confirmation report to your email so you can see the status of each voided transaction request made.


Here’s how:

  1. Go to our Dashboard
  1. Go to “Transaction”
  1. Click “Bulk Void”
  1. Download the template
  1. Fill in the template (psstt, we have provided a guideline on how you need to fill it in the template file!)
  1. Upload back the filled template file
  1. That’s it! You will receive the confirmation report in your email
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