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Check All Of Mission Activities Submission

Brand can check all of the mission activities submission without classification!

This feature will be useful for you to check all of your missions regardless of the status! We have an “ALL” tab to check all of your submissions, previously our tab was divided into three: “Pending”, “Approved”, and “Rejected”. If users want to check all the submissions regardless of their status, this feature will be useful rather than checking those previous three tabs one by one. It is much easier now, you can see all of them or you can put a specific filter! Let’s do this by following these steps:

  1. Open Dashboard, go to “Submission” sub-menu under the “Mission & Activities” menu
  1. Here you can click the “All” section, previously it just “Pending”, “Approved”, and “Rejected”. Now you can see all of your member submissions in the “All” section
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