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Compliment Your Members

You could compliment your member even though they are not doing transaction!

We have super good news for you who would like to compliment your members! Bulk Top Up is now available to compliment your members in a few clicks! Bulk rewards based on transactions that we already have is a common thing, but what if we just want to give a compliment to our members without them making any transaction? We have the feature now! By using this feature, you are able to give away points to members directly as much as you want. For example: you can do a giveaway on social media or door prize or anything! This action will not add any transaction or revenue to your data analytics as well, so this will not confuse you in the future during the reporting. It is as simple as these following steps:

  1. Open our powerful Dashboard
  1. Go to the “Bulk Top Up” menu, then click on “By Phone Number/Card Number”
  1. Select the program and fill the information needed
  1. Put the rewards type as “Complimentary”
  1. Download the template, fill it and upload back. Remember to use the downloaded template in a form of excel file, fill them in, then upload it back. You can even set different expiry date for each point transaction simply by filling in the “Expiry Date” column in the file template
  1. Press “Save”
    1. Notion image
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