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Create Dine-in and Delivery Program

Creating your dine-in and delivery program is so simple now!

Now you could create your dine-in and delivery program, it is so simple. You can customize your delivery link as long as it's available, including tax amount, logo, banner, shipping methods, and action after purchase. After purchasing you could directly add the buyer as a member or even give their first reward! You can set it as simple as the following steps:

  1. Open our powerful Dashboard
  1. Go to the “Dine in and Delivery” menu and go to the “Program” submenu
  1. Put the program information, including a delivery link as long as its available, tax amount, logo, action after the buyer purchased, banner, and shipping methods
  1. Then click “Create” or “Update Programs” (if you already create one)

No! We are not forgotten! Here we attach the video from our expert explaining how to create an online ordering program through TADA Dashboard below.

Notion image
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