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Creating Mission Activities on Dashboard

How to create mission activities using Dashboard

You can create engagement by having fun mission activities that members can participate in. This is how to create a mission on the Dashboard:

  1. Open the Mission & Activities > Mission List
  1. Click Create New Mission
  1. Fill in the mission name, description, image, period, and the recipients
  1. You can also set rewards for the mission by enabling the ‘Enable Rewards’ toggle and you can give more than one reward
  1. Choose the reward type, e-vouchers or wallet/balance
  1. If you choose wallet/balance, you can choose which wallet to reward the points and input the value
  1. If you choose e-voucher, you can choose from your existing e-voucher and input the quantity
  1. Click save and you have created your mission!
  1. After that, you can create tasks by clicking your newly created mission in the Mission List
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How to create tasks in a mission activity:

  1. Click on the mission you want to add tasks to
  1. Click “+ Add New Task” on the top right
  1. Fill in the Task Information with task name, description, choose the date period, upload task image, and set the reward for the task
  1. Click Continue and fill in the Form Settings
  1. You can choose the form from a template or create a new template
  1. If you choose to create new template, you need to fill out the form name and add questions with our various question types!
  1. When you’re done, just click “Continue” and you have succeeded in creating tasks! You can add multiple tasks in one mission
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