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Dashboard Insight Summary: Overview

All of the important data for your Loyalty Program are summarized in our Dashboard Insight Summary! Check this out!

Here you can check the summary of everything regarding your membership program on your dashboard. All the data is summarized in this page, so it is easy for you to recap the main data that you need! We also provided a video below for you to see the steps and what you could see in the dashboard insight summary.

Merchant Summary

Merchant Summary has the following features.

  1. Revenue: this number is taken from the total transaction that gives points, extra sales derived from voucher redemption, new and renewal of paid membership (if any), and sales coming from shop features (if any).
  1. Allocated Commission: the amount of commissions that are given to advocates (member get member).
  1. Revenue from Referrals: total transactions from members that are registered from the member get member program.
  1. Members: total number of users joined as members with the status of registered, pending, and suspended.
  1. Advocates: total number of members who have already shared the member get member link.
  1. Referred Who Sign Up: this represents the number of people who have become a member after being referred by another member. This number only considers members with registered status.
  1. Referred Who Purchase: this number is calculated when the registered members from the referral have already made a transaction and received points.

Revenue Growth

Revenue Growth is a feature showing the growth of the revenue during a specific period of time. The graph can be filtered to show the revenue growth on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Ranked by Performance

Ranked by Performance displays information about the highest performance from members, advocates, or stores on a specific criteria.

  1. Members Ranked by Performance segment provides information on the members names and the amount of total transactions, number of transactions, or total spending done by each of them.
  1. Advocates Ranked by Performance segment provides information on the members names and the number of referred who sign up, referred who purchase, revenue generated, or allocated commission.
  1. Stores Ranked by Performance segment provides information on the stores names and the amount of total transactions, number of members, or average rating.

Transaction Summary

Transaction Summary feature provides information about every transaction done by the members, the type of transaction, the number of transactions, total transactions, and total points.

Most Favorite Items

Most Favorite Items feature the most items that are ordered by customers both from redemption and from shop transactions.


Further info regarding the dashboard summary insight? Let’s check our dashboard summary insight demo in the video below!

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