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Download Member Get Leads Report with More Information Inside

Now our member get leads report contains more information that will help you to be more successfull in leads submission!

Currently, when a user downloads a report for lead's submission, the data that will be retrieved is only the submission name, submission date, referred by, offering, email, and phone number. But now users will get more complete data by displaying all questions and also answers for each submission. In addition, we will also add more complete data from the referrer in the form of an advocate email and advocate number. Please follow these steps to download the report from our dashboard:

  1. Open our powerful dashboard
  1. Go to “Leads Generation” then click on “Submission”
  1. Click on “Download List”, put your email in the pop-up column then press “Send to Email”
  1. Download the report from your email from us
Notion image
Notion image
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