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Features in Dine in and Delivery Program

Online Delivery Service is now available that can be used by our Merchant!

Order On Table is an online delivery service that can be used by TADA merchants. Merchants who have registered using the service have the opportunity to increase sales and make offers directly to members.

Through the Order On Table service, you can determine the number of orders, display photos of interesting menus, adjust menu availability, and update menu photos in real-time. You can also manage outlets by optimizing opening/closing hours.

Outlets can use Tada Partner to manage orders and find out their daily revenue directly from the Android or iOS App. Merchants can use the Insight Dashboard to manage outlets evenly, so outlets just need to process all orders made by members or customers.

Check out the full features of the Order On Table Insight Dashboard below

  • ) Merchant's way of managing outlets is on the Insight Dashboard, visit https://dashboard.usetada.com/, then input the username and password that have been registered in the TADA system.

The Dine In and Delivery menu in Insight is useful for managing menus, determining the menu for each outlet, and displaying sales data for all outlets and programs shown to members or new customers.

Dine-In and Delivery

A. Program

Displays program settings for members or customers in placing orders on the website, and arranging promotions and shipping.

Dine In and Delivery - Program

B. Menu

Define menu names, upload photos of interesting menus, and divide menus by category, this page is for managing menus owned by merchants.

Dine-In and Delivery - Menu

C. Store

Displays a list of all registered stores, set the menu displayed in each store, and the operating hours of each outlet.

Dine-In and Delivery - Store

D. Order

Displays total orders recorded at all outlets, set filters to make monitoring easier and all orders can be downloaded based on filters.

Dine-In and Delivery - Order

Check out the full features of Order On Table Tada Partner below

To access Tada Partner as Cashier make sure you have an outlet to register with TADA. Download the Tada Partner application on the Play Store or Appstore.

  • ) How to Access Tada Partner, open the Tada Partner application, then input the username and password that have been given by the TADA CR Team

Login Tada Partner

How to manage Order On Table at Tada Partner

  • Pay attention to the available menu, there is a Delivery Order menu
  • The Delivery Order menu has 4 tabs
    • Orders
    • History
    • Stock Item
    • Setting

Menu Delivery Order

  • The Order menu is used for managing orders made by members/customers.
    • Notice on the label that each order has 4 categories:
      • Delivery (Now)
      • Order Delivery Later (with information on delivery time)
      • Dine-in (have notes for table/room description)
      • Take Away

Orders Menu

  • The Stock menu is useful for managing menus and available menu variants to be displayed on the member/customer side as an orderer.

Stock Item Menu

  • The history menu is useful for knowing today's revenue for incoming Order On Table.

History Menu

  • Settings menu to set the outlet open/close.

Setting Menu

If you have any questions regarding this feature, kindly email us at product@usetada.com.

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