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How To Checking Virtual Franchise Summary on Dashboard

Check the summary of your Virtual Franchise activities in your dashboard!

You can check detail activities and transactions done by your virtual franchise, most item sold, virtual franchise performance, and many more here! Just open your Tada Dashboard, go to “Virtual Franchise” menu and click on “Summary” sub-menu. You can check the buying rate as well, such as how many link shared, clicked, and compare it with how many item sold.


This summary is very useful for you to forecast accurate commission to your virtual franchise based on their performance! We can even rank up your virtual franchise! All of this you can do it in a few clicks from your dashboard! To understand the detail of how our Virtual Franchise Summary works in our dashboard, check our video below. It is as simple as these following steps, we also attach video of our expert explaining about this dashboard feature, please check it below:

  1. Open our powerful TADA Dashboard
  1. Go to “Virtual Franchise” menu, then click “Summary”
  1. In the Virtual Franchise summary, you can check the number of virtual franchise, total share of the link, number of clicks on the link, virtual franchise rank, item rank, and others

Here are the video of our expert explaining about our virtual franchise summary in our dashboard, check the video below.

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