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How to Make Adjustments to Member’s Points

Did you know you can adjust your members’ points? Learn how here!

If you ever want to adjust your members’ points, for whatever reason really, take a look how! It’s so easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to “Membership List” menu
  1. Click on the member that you want to do adjustment to
  1. Click “Adjustment”
  1. Select the wallet, the amount of point, the expiry date, and fill in the reason
  1. Click “Submit”
  1. And that’s it! Already adjusted
    1. Notion image

      Previously we were unable to adjust wallet with layer expiry date. But don't worry, now our Dashboard is able to make adjustments for each layer expiry date. Brands will be asked to choose which layer they want to make adjustments to when the the expiry mode is using layer.

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