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Manage Withdrawal Orders

How to manage withdrawal order status

You’ve got withdrawal orders from your members? You can let your members know the status of their orders by changing them in the Dashboard. When members first make the withdrawal orders, their status is still pending until after the Brand approves/rejects the order. Wondering how you can change the status? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to our Dashboard
  1. Go to Withdrawal and you can see all the withdrawal orders from your members
  1. Filter them by date range, order number, card number, or the order status
  1. For orders with pending status, you can click on the order number and either approve or reject the order
  1. For approved order, you can make the payment and then click on the order number again to change the status to paid
  1. That’s it! All the status changes you make on the Dashboard will be reflected on the member’s side as well so they always know the status of their withdrawal orders
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