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Member List

Trying to find where you can retrieve your customer’s data? Find out here!

Customer data is one of the most important pieces of information you can have about your business. From the total amount of members to top member spending, you can find them all in the Member List menu in Tada Dashboard. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Tada Dashboard
  1. Go to Members > List
  1. Here you can directly find the total points your members have, the number of your registered members, and the number of your pending members
    1. What are registered and pending members you may ask?
      • Pending Members: Customers who have submitted their phone number (via referral link, merchant link, etc) but have not gone through the registration form. The date when customer submitted their phone number is what we call “activation date”;
      • Registered Members: Customers who have filled out and submitted the registration form. The date when customer submitted the registration form is what we call “registration date”;

      Registration forms are required to be completed before customers can access their membership cards. So pending members are able to earn points from their transactions but they aren’t able to enjoy the other member’s benefits which are available inside the membership card.

  1. You can also apply filters to find specific members or groups of members. The available filters are Phone Number/Email and Card Number to find specific members as they are unique. Or you can use Customer Name, Birthday, Age, Activation Source, Last Transaction, Sherlock Score, Registration Date, Activation Date, Gender, Status Member, Program Name, Top Member Spending, and Level to find groups of members based on the segment*
  1. And your list of members is here**
  1. But that’s not all! You may want to download the data and you can easily do so by clicking the “Download List” below the “Apply Filter” button
  1. You may choose 2 types of report format
    1. Clean format: This format only supports a limited amount of data that can be generated, suitable if you’re downloading a small number of members;
      1. Notion image
    2. Raw format: For a larger amount of data, we suggest using this one. This format will group some data into one column, such as the wallet info column and the additional customer data column on the member list. With this format, one file will contain maximum 5 sheets and one sheet will contain maximum 100,000 rows of data. A new sheet will be created if there are more than 100,000 rows and a new file will be generated if there are more than 5 sheets. With this format data, you can retrieve all of your member data with ease!
      1. Notion image
  1. You can also change the email recipient. The default email is pre-filled with the email address you’re using to access the Dashboard
  1. Our system will then generate the report and send the download link to the email recipient
  1. All you gotta do is click on the link and the file should be on your computer any minute now!
Notion image

*Some filters may not be applicable depending on the program scheme and data availability

**You may find the customer data is masked with asterisks, this is the default permission for better PII security. However, you can easily request permission to be unmasked to your Client Success.

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