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Message Notification Report

Want to check the messages that have been sent to your customers? Or even resend the message? Check it out here!

We have added a new “Notification Report” menu in our Dashboard! Now brands are able to view all SMS, email, and WhatsApp messages that have been sent to their customers, including the recipient's phone numbers, the date and time, and the message content. Aside from that, we also have a resend button so brands can resend the message right away! You can contact your Client Success team to get this menu.


Here’s how you can access the menu:

  1. Go to the “Notification Report” menu
  1. Choose the type of message you want to see
  1. You can filter by date, phone number, reference, message type, or status
  1. And Voila! You can see all the messages that were sent based on the applied filters
  1. We also provide a resend button so if by any reason you want to resend the message to your customers, you can do so easily just one button away!
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P.S: The phone number, e-Voucher link, and OTP by default will be masked. Please request our team to unmask them

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