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Monitor Online Ordering Program

Monitor your online order directly through dashboard and confuse no more!

Monitor Online Ordering through dashboard and confuse no more! Now through our dashboard you could check your online order in detail, including the progress, filter for specific date, customer data for each order, status, and many more. It could be done by following these steps and we also provide you a video explaining real example about this feature, check it below:

  1. Open TADA Dashboard
  1. Select “Orders” under the “Dine In and Delivery” menu.
  1. Filter the data that you want to see by setting the order filter. You can filter it by order date, outlets, status (All, Unpaid, New Order, On Process, Order Ready, On Delivery, Completed, Decline, Expired, Have an issue), or by searching the order number if you want to look for one specific order
  1. Click on the “Order Number” to see the detailed order information.

Here are the video explaining how to monitor online ordering in detail using real example, please check the video below.

Notion image
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