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Store Rating

Manage and Check your store rating directly from dashbaord!

Store Rating provides a graph showing the performance of each store for a specific merchant. The store rating data can be filtered according to the start and end dates, store name, and the data period.

The Ratings & Reviews section provides the information on the average rating and reviews written by the members for a specific store. The data can be filtered according to several parameters. Here are the steps to check store ratings in our dashboard, also we will provide you a video of our expert explaining it, please find it below

  1. Open our powerful dashboard
  1. Go to the “Stores” menu and click on the “Store Rating” sub-menu
  1. Then you can check and monitor your store rating, you can see it in the chart, filter it, check it one by one, and there are more information provided in these segment related to store rating. Based on that data you can improve your service!

Here are the video of our expert that explain the store rating feature to the next level, so you can monitor and improve your service for better rating. Please check the video below.

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